Update on RP1 Movie/Film Adaptation

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Update on RP1 Movie/Film Adaptation Empty Update on RP1 Movie/Film Adaptation

Post  Anorak on Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:42 pm

The film adaptation of RP1 seems to be unfolding well.

According to MovieInsider (dot) com it will be directed by Donald De Line (Green Lantern 2011) and Screenwritten by Ernie Cline (of course) and Eric Eason (Journey To The End Of The Night - Director [2006] and A Better Life - Screenwriter (among other films) [2011]).

I will try to keep watch for cast members. (That will be interesting!)

The film seems to be set for a 2014 release as of now.

Anyone with more info is welcome to reply to this post.


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